Sunday, 18 January 2009

Update on KiwiConcerts from Fenderboy

Last year it was brought to my attention that an individual in New Zealand was downloading shows from this site and was then "Aurally Enhancing" -his words,not mine, them and selling them via his Bebo site.I was pretty unhappy with this as the purpose of posting shows which I have recorded and and others I have collected over quite a number of years was to make them freely available to all music fans.

I have not made posted anymore shows since April 2008 even though what I have posted so far barely covered what is "left in the vault" so to speak as I was pretty annoyed with what this person was doing.A number of times I considered deleting the site entirely but with the number of emails I have received asking me to continue or asking about various recordings I may have so I have decided to start posting more new shows.

I have received many emails the past couple of days regarding Neil Young at The Big Day Out 2009 which I recorded so my first post of 2009 will be the entire show from Neil.As a KiwiConcerts first I will also be posting a Flac link as well as an MP3 link and I will continue to post both formats going forward and over time I will go back to previous posts and upload Flac links for these as well.

Please feel free to torrent any lossless shows on DimeADozen or The Traders Den etc but please leave the credits as they are.As always TRADING ONLY - NO SELLING!

Enjoy and keep on rockin in the free world:)